Tech Insight – The Ride Stiffness


This is significant.. precise, predictable handling and a stable pedalling platform for out of the saddle efforts requires sufficient stiffness from both frame and wheels. However, too-much stiffness can reduce essential compliance that contributes to the grip of the wheel/tire system, especially at high angles of lean during cornering.

Given that deflection under load is an important factor, it should be apparent that the requirements will differ from rider to rider, not least due to the overall system weight. Not many people ‘know their number’ when selecting wheel stiffness, but may have a reference point from which they would like to compare. We offer comparison in the chart (to the right) against relevant reference wheels already in the market place. Further, we are always happy to discuss your requirements at length to help pick the best wheel for you – just get in touch via our contact page.


“We are constantly developing capability and understanding through research and strategic internal projects. Many of our projects are typically servicing light-weighting structural applications, but we also offer value-add services a broader range of industry sectors.”

Jon Partington – founding CTO

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