Tech Insight – Spokes

Spoke Design

They literally tie our technology together. Spokes represent an ideal opportunity for carbon fibre to excel. Majority of cycle wheels are of tension spoke design, and tension loads are where carbon fibre really shines. Uni-directional carbon fibre composites can have a stiffness to weight ratio of ~3-8x that of steel; depending not least on the fibre selected.

Junction of the spoke at both the rim and hub interfaces is critical in the efficiency and reliability of any wheel design. Adopting a rim-to-rim spoke configuration significantly reduces the connective stresses between the hub and spoke as the spoke tension remains continuous throughout the spoke. We also adopt an asymmetrical spoke configuration on all our wheels to balance stresses in the shallower braced side.

Our spokes are manufactured using a patented and proprietary process resulting a very high quality, high fidelity part.

“We are constantly developing capability and understanding through research and strategic internal projects. Many of our projects are typically servicing light-weighting structural applications, but we also offer value-add services a broader range of industry sectors.”

Jon Partington – founding CTO

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