Tech Insight – Rim Design

Rim Design

Centred around premium aerospace grade PMI foam, and a blend of high modulus, intermediate modulus and aramid fibres, we produced a rim of exceedingly high stiffness-to-weight, and strength-to-weight characteristics. A Nano-toughened resin system improves damage tolerance and increased UV resilience of the resin system.

Made with love, all steps of the manufacturing process are not only executed with diligent eye and carful hand, but are also product of 5 years continual development. Every rim goes through over 6 hours of curing and thermal conditioning to ensure exceptionally high-quality laminates, and full degree of cure.

Joining the spokes to the rim and transferring the loads to the tire bed is also critical. Point contacts, through-thickness loading, and loading directly adjacent to laminate edges – such as a spoke hole and nipple are all taboo in efficient composites design. We use a system of carefully integrated components to transfer tension loads from the spoke, and evenly distribute them as tension loads through the rim, such that the full perimeter of the wheel is supported.


“We are constantly developing capability and understanding through research and strategic internal projects. Many of our projects are typically servicing light-weighting structural applications, but we also offer value-add services a broader range of industry sectors.”

Jon Partington – founding CTO

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