Tech Insight – Rim Profile

Rim Profile

The topic of aerodynamics is a contentious one, especially when considered in a variety of frame and tire contexts, but a few attributes always hold true. Larger nose radii on the front rim result in reduced forces at the handle bars in cross-wind conditions.

Deeper rim variants reduce spoke length and have a positive effect in reducing drag in a straight line. We developed rim profiles based on proven trends, in conjunction with other functional attributes to produce a balanced and versatile performer in a majority of circumstances.

Rim Bed

A wider tire bed flattens the tire contact patch and reduces rolling resistance. Further, the wider supporting width of the tire makes the tire more stable and reassured during cornering.

Based on MAVIC’s highly regarded UST tubeless tire standard, we encourage exclusive use of tubeless tires of sizes 25mm – 30mm, following the published ISO4210 ETRTO regulations for maximum tire pressures

“We are constantly developing capability and understanding through research and strategic internal projects. Many of our projects are typically servicing light-weighting structural applications, but we also offer value-add services a broader range of industry sectors.”

Jon Partington – founding CTO

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