Tech Insight – Hubs

Hubs in detail

Based on a elegant aluminium construction, and without the need for superfluous carbon fibre veneers, the hub offers a precise and very deliberate interface between all mating components. The small frontal area and simple geometry makes for a aerodynamically conscious solution that is easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing.

The segmented and continuous wrapping of the spokes around the hub provide plentiful bonding area so secure and safe operation down even the longest descents. A choice of matte black or bright silver anodised finishes offers subtle colouring options*

*Custom colour-coordinated painted options are exclusively available from our allied boutique frame builder (BAUM).

Hybrid ceramic bearings come as standard, not an option.


Our wheels are only available in centre-lock disc format, but support all common and new drive standards.

“We are constantly developing capability and understanding through research and strategic internal projects. Many of our projects are typically servicing light-weighting structural applications, but we also offer value-add services a broader range of industry sectors.”

Jon Partington – founding CTO

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